The Company
XL furniture industy, ex XYLOVIOTECHNIKI SA, is a Greek company that has as object the production of wooden seats and tables. It is activated from 1964 and resides in Larissa in the 8th km of Larissa Trikala.



The long-lasting and systematic insistence and the company?s devotion in the production expressed all these years with the continuous renewal and the upgrade of its mechanical equipment but also with the repeated investments in new technologies and in specialized personnel.

The result of this enormous effort, which is continued in unfavorable economical conditions, is the creation of a very important productive unit. XL furniture today exploiting the multiannual experience and the complete specialization achieves a big productive possibility and it can thus present itself competitive in the world market offering a most excellent combination of price and quality.

The history
In 1964 in Larissa was founded a small manufacture from three friends. With a lot of dreams and ambitions in a space of 100m2 in the center of the city three men work hardly Karagiannis Athanassios, Kastanaras Ioannis and Kermeliotis Christos under the label: “Furniture of every type”. Little by little Xyloviotechniki is presented in the local market as one of the many wood-workshop that manufacture custom-made furniture. In 1968 its activities are extended although it is relocated in a new space of 500m2 outside the city. Xyloviotechniki starts manufacturing equipment for hotels and outfitting buildings inside and outside of its prefecture. In 1980 the company settles down with the production of wooden seats and tables. In this way begins the systemization of productive process aiming in the achievement of better quality always and in the capable quantity so that the domestic market would be covered initially. The new data impose the company?s once more relocation in new privately owned installations in the extension of 1500m2 in the 8th km of Larissa Trikala under the brand name XYLOVIOTECHNIKI KARAGIANNIS – KERMELIOTIS O.E.The decade of 90?s signals the rapid growth of Xyloviotechniki. The philosophy of continuous technological renewal and the insistence in the production change the carpenter?s workshop of 1500m2 in a completely equipped factory of 6500m2 which is developing according to European models and conquers time after time the Greek market totally.
Our factory...
2000 find XYLOVIOTECHNIKI SA with building installations of 10.000m2 in a space of 20.000m2 and always aiming at the competitiveness of company in the worldwide market. The passage of company in the new generation becomes so that the experience of the past to constitute an essential investment for the future which will engrave with modern forms of marketing and management the new generation of families Karagianni – Kermelioti.

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